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Fave Technologies which owns FaveShoppe.Com, works closely its global network of online aggregators to secure branded products that are owned by local brand owners but widely accepted in that specific market. With each brand owner, we agree on the rebate given, and we distribute these products via Uniq International’s global network of members and Business Associates by paying on cashback on the rebate we receive.

When you join Uniq International either as a Free Member or VIP Member, you’ll get up to 50%- Cashback on every dollar of the rebate that FaveShoppe receives from each of its merchants. What’s more, when you join Uniq International as a Business Associate, you earn up to 40% commissions on the PV of each item sold to your Free Member or VIP Member. Each Dollar in Cashback received by your Free Member or VIP Member earns you 2PV. Each PV equals US$1.00.

All of a sudden the door is opened to almost any local products to participate in a global network marketing program. One day, you’ll find that you actually save money on products that you are buying every day, anyway!

As a UNIQ Business Associate with a special rank, you’ll also have the opportunity to canvass for merchants to put their merchandise – physical, digital, service, subscription, club membership - on sale in FaveShoppe.Com and earn commissions on whatever is sold! With more product choices, we shall attract more free & VIP members. With more members, you’ll earn more commissions in cashbacks and merchandising! Read More


As a Free Member, besides getting a cashback whenever you shop on FaveShoppe.Com, you also get a free membership with FaveTravelSavings.Com. You also instantly get a $50 Travel Savings in your free account and use it to buy down to the lowest prices on all your travel. What’s more is that you may invite friends & family to join as Free Member from your Private Member Login too; and you’ll get an additional $10 in Travel Savings for each friend who joins you.

Still want more? You shall get $1.00 in Travel Saving for every $1.00 you spend on!
No limit and no expiry date for the Travel Saving you get. Read More


As a VIP Member, not only you double your cashback whenever you shop on, you also a VIP member of FaveTrip.Com. You’ll get access to over 1,000,000 hotels around the world, all major & budget airlines, all cruises, all rent-a-car companies, resort weeks, luxurious homestays, activities, lifestyle – all backed with a 110%. Best Price Guarantee.Read More


UNIQ also has specialty products – Far Infrared Biogenetic products, UNIQSTRIPS and UNIQSTONE that are effective for pain relief.Read More