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Sushi Roll Maker Kit - 10- pc set

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Get ready to thrill your taste buds with sushi, the amazing Japanese cuisine that has hooked the world. This sushi roll maker 10-pc kit is designed for beginners. It lets you satisfy your cravings for sushi while also letting you experiment with new food preparation techniques in the kitchen. All the tools you need to easily create your own Japanese-style sushi at home!
The kit includes 5 molds allowing you to easily create sushi in 5 different shapes:

1.Triangle Shaped Sushi 
Size: 193mm x 35mm x 14mm (Makes sushi: 25mm x  20mm x 11mm).

2.Heart Shaped Sushi 
Size: 200mm x 74mm x 62mm (Makes sushi: 55mm x 30mm x 18mm).

3.Classic-Round Shaped Sushi 
Size: 200mm x 72mm x 60mm (Makes sushi: 55mm x 20mm)

4.Large Square-shaped Sushi 
Size: 200mm x 35mm x 41mm (Makes sushi: 55mm x 20mm x 32mm)

5.Small Square-shaped Sushi 
Size: 193mm x 35mm x 41mm (Makes sushi: 25mm x 20mm x 32mm)
Also included in the kit -  1 x large rice fork and 1 x kitchen spatula.
  • Origin: China (Origin)
  • Model Number: 243
  • Type: Sushi Tools
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plastic Type: PC
  • Sushi Tools Type: Sushi Molds

Please refer to photo image for size & measurement.


1 x 10-pc Sushi Roll Maker Kit

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