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Sewer Sinks Basin Air Pressure Pump

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Material: ABS plastic
Mouth material: rubber
Size: 27.5cm x 28.5cm / 10.83" x 11.22"
Weight: 650g
Applicable scope: toilet, floor drain, sinks, sewers, bathrooms and other pipe dredging.


Plug mouth and toilet port or pipe mouth should be tightly sealed, otherwise the air leakage affects the effect.
Can add a little more water, let the plug immersed in the water, to prevent air leakage.
The anti-shallow water film is to prevent the instant strong pressure to cause the water to splatter out.


27.5cm x 28.5cm / 10.83" x 11.22"


1 x Pipe Plunger

4 x Push Rod Heads

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