DIY Leather Stitching Tool / Type-B

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Can quickly sew seam lock stitch like machines, sewing and mending canvas bags, shoes, belt, leather coat, tents, car roof and interior decoration, etc. Double stitching strength, beautiful stitch.

This set includes the Lock Stitch Awl, two needles (one heavy, the other fine) and tightening wrench which can be stored in the contoured wood handle as well as a spool of black thread.

Unlike other product, this set comes with two needles instead of one! The needle, with the thread in the eye is pushed through the material. The thread is then pulled through the eye to extend it. As the needle is pushed through the material, the extra thread from the first stitch is then threaded through the loops of successive stitches creating a lock stitch.

Material: Leather
Use: leather DIY tools
Lock Stitch Awl Handle material : wood
Lock Stitch Awl Head material : metal
Leather Stitching Tool

Leather Tools B Material: wood + stainless steel, hard chromium plating (needle)
Leather Tools B Size: 


Professional for leather making and decorating
Type: Hand Tools, Leather craft tool
Set: Sewing needle & shaft line
working : Leathers Tool For Home DIY Crafts
Matching use: Leathercraft Space


Stitching Tool: 12cm x 3.7cm / 4.72" x 1.46" (Approx.)

Small needle size: needle length 45mm, pin hole 1.5mm, width 0.5mm (Approx.)

Large needle size: needle length 54mm, pin hole 1.5mm, width 0.8mm (Approx.)

Package Content

1 x DIY Leather Stitching Tool with 2 needles.

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