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ELITOC Botanic Probiotic Fiber Beverage Mix -1 Box / 15 sachets

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ELITOC Botanic Probiotic Fiber Beverage Mix - Keys to a healthier you. 

Elitoc Probiotic Fiber promotes intestinal motility and enzymes enhance the digestion of food. Both help with gastrointestinal function to support the functions of the gut. 

The probiotics in Elitoc help to restore the composition of the gut microbiome and introduce numerous health benefits including weight, improved digestion, enhanced immunity function, healthier skin and a reduced risk of many diseases.

Made In Malaysia. Halal Certified.

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  • Mixed blend of fruits & vegetables

For a better and healthier nutrition. 

  • Probiotics

Aids digestion and improve nutrient absorption.

Direction for use

Mix one sachet with 150ml room temperature water, stir well and drink. Do not use hot water (more than 60 degree Celsius).


1 Sachet x 12 grams of Elitox Probiotics Fiber.

1 Box / 15 sachets.

Package Content

1 Box x 15 sachets Elitoc Probiotics Fiber Beverage Mix.

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