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FIRMAX Pure Natural Essence For Femininity - 7-pc Pack

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FIRMAX - Your Feminine Wellness Partner

How do women usually prevent the occurrence of gynecological inflammation?

1. Don't wear unclean underwear. Your private part can easily be infected with bacteria that may cause vaginitis.

2. Don’t have sex too frequently. Frequent sex may cause bacteria infection too.

3. Do not use any harsh cleaners indiscriminately and/or frequently. Excessive use may harm the self-cleaning ability of the private part.

4. Too humid or unhygienic condition in the private part may become a breeding ground for bacteria. Besides, it causes discomfort to get wet.

5. The private must be maintained regularly. With the use of our FIRMAX essence, it helps to create a healthy and hygienic environment within your female reproductive system.

Learn a little bit, gain a little health and happiness everyday.


  • Regenerating sexuality & blessings for women.
  • According to statistics in 2020, the female private health industry is increasing at a rate of 20%-30% every year.
  • In China, there are about 450 million women aged between 25-48 years old.
  • As high as 50% of Chinese women experience poor reproductive health.
  • Women’s private health industry is a huge and promising market with lots of opportunity for expansion.
  • This female reproductive health market-share has exceeded  200 billion a year. You need to have a hot-selling proven product to seize this market.

 Strict High-Quality Standard

Classified as a brand of safe, high-quality products under Over-The-Counter.

  • Exclusively researched and developed, with high-grade formula, and clinically reviewed.
  • Combining two cutting-edge technologies - the living cell therapy + amino acid peptide therapy, making FIRMAX therapeutically effective.
  • This OTC branded products meets the FDA standard even as an oral administration. Comes with 18 years of clinical trials as a “king of cell”.
  • Combining 30 pure chinese herbal & plant extracts. No undesirable or artificial substances added. Suitable for most people.
  • Good Manufacturing Practice Standard & Automated Production Line.

Hygienic and comfortable   Firm and tender

The ultimate choice of tens of millions of women.


8 Main Effects

  • Absorption in 3 seconds
  • Take only 28 minutes.  7-fingers tightness” becomes “2-fingers tightness”.
  • Private anti-aging
  • Firms and tightens.
  • Improves sensitivity                                   
  • Reduces urine leakage
  • Improves gynecological inflammation         
  • Improves frigidity
  • Regulates sagging of utery.                         
  • Enhance immunity


South Koreans: Choose plastic surgery before marriage, and feminine anti-aging after marriage.

United States: Private anti-aging is the #1 choice for women's maintenance.

China: Health awareness is gradually awakening

You care so much about appearance. Why don't you care about your private hygiene?

Women shouldn’t lose their sexual satisfaction just because they don’t understand how.

  • Private anti-aging                    
  • Firms and tightens.
  • Improves sensitivity                                   
  • Reduces urine leakage
  • Improves gynecological inflammation        
  • Improves frigidity
  • Regulates sagging of utery.                         
  • Enhance immunity

10 million+ women in China choose feminine personal care as the

#1 priority.

Leading TV channels recommends female private care FIRMAX brand



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How To Use

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Individual result varies. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases; and is not intended to replace any medication. The statement on this web page and all affiliates have not been evaluated by FDA. Advice on treatment or care of an individual patient should be obtained through consultation with a trained health care professional.


Not recommended for pregnant women or during confinement period, or sexually-transmitted diseases. Not recommended for girls before puberty.

Package Content

1 pack x 7 bottles of FIRMAX Pure Natural Essence For Femininity.

No packaging box.

Direction for use

Usage and dosage FIRMAX Pure Natural Essence:

For Conditioning period:

Insert two sticks a day for the first three times, and then rest for 5 to 7 days

Improvement & Consolidation period:

Use once every 3 days (two), use 4 boxes in two months

Maintenance period:

One week (according to your needs)

1, The stuffing time is only 1 hour, and must not be left for more than 2 hours.

2. Do a little leg exercises (lying flat on bed) with FIRMAX inserted,and  the effect is better.

3. The product can be plugged, sprayed, applied externally, bath, bath, fumigation

4.  Efficacy: The inner vulva is compact, sensitive, moisturized, full and warm, and it can improve the immunity and resistance of the overall reproductive system.

5.  Age Group: 18-75 years old, women who have had sex.

Notes: This product can only be used:

1. Only three days after menstruation

2. 50 days after abortion, 45 days after the normal delivery, 15 days after the caesarean section (whichever comes after the lochia is clean)

3. Use after 1 month of Sheung Wan

4. Three months after the operation

CAUTION: FIRMAX Pure Natural Essence is not intended for use during menstrual period, pregnancy period, or for cancer patients, HPV high-risk infection, uterine fibroids 3CM or more, and vaginal bleeding of unknown cause. Please consult a health professional before using this product for any other medical cases.

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