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Royal乳胶枕采用泰囯高级乳胶制作而成不添加任何化学物质安全环保。乳胶密度较高柔软度十分适合人体舒睡。良好的弹性可以缓冲压力让你舒服自然地入睡。良好的透气性和卫生性适应人体的新陈代谢冬暖 凉有非常好的养生效果。[30年健康睡眠探索]360度环绕,自然贴合颈肩曲线随手头颈部重量专为舒适而生的设计。

Royal latex pillow is made of Thai high-grade latex without adding any chemical substances, safe and environmentally friendly. The higher density and softness of latex are very suitable for the human body to sleep well. Good elasticity can cushion the pressure and let you fall asleep comfortably and naturally. Good air permeability and hygiene are adapted to the body's metabolism. Warm in winter and cool in winter has a very good health effect. [30 years of healthy sleep exploration] 360-degree surround, naturally fit the neck and shoulder curve, and the weight of the head and neck is designed for comfort.

Latex genuine natural pillow for neck protection free from any stress

 Features of Latex natural pillows:

1: It is made from pure natural latex rubber with no side effects to the human body. Pure natural material, it has effective antibacterial and anti-insect micro effect as well as deodorizing even after use for several years.


2: Referring to the ergonomic design, it can effectively benefit the ceramic spine, spine and lower blood pressure, and latex pillows can benefit those who need to relax the shoulders and neck.


3: It has good elasticity and air flow in the pillow, it is suitable and can be effective to reduce snoring problems.


4: This pillow latex effectively reduces the static electronics produced by the body.


5: Can repair those who have poor sleep quality to sleep better


6: improve and correct sleeping position. The latex pillow model design will make you feel comfortable when you sleep with the right sleeping position, it also has a pure latex scent that stimulates us to go to bed quickly.


Filling: pure natural latex


Fabric composition: 2-layer pillowcase


Product specifications: 40 * 60 * 10 / 12cm (± 2cm)

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