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Dr.Rashel Black Nose Strips is a product from Dr.Rashel, a trusted name in the cosmetic and health industry. First of all, their products are certified. Hence, these are safe and 100% genuine.

Dr.Rashel Black Nose Strips removes blackheads effectively and intensely cleans the pores. Furthermore, the pores become clean pure skin due to which the skin looks refreshed. Additionally, for best results, use as directed on the back of the packet. This will boost the outcome to its maximum.

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  • First it removes blackheads effectively cleans the pores and intensely.
  • Morevoer, the pores become clean pure skin and looks refreshed.
Direction for use


Step 1: Clean the face, especially on the T zone to remove any sebum oil on both sides of the nose

Step 2: Extract the product with a cotton pad and apply it on the nose. Remove it after 8-10 minutes

Note:  If the result is not obvious, after one application, you may repeat this step one more time. It is normal for the nose to have slight itching due to open pores.

Do not touch the nose directly with your hand.

  • Water, Polyvinyl alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Allantoin, Bamboo charcoal, North American Witch Hazel (hamamelisvirginiana) extract, Charcoal hydroxyethyl cellulose, leaves of melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, fragrance

Contains 10 Packs. Each Pack contains 6 strips.

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