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BANXEER Eyeliner, the liquid ink formula glides smoothly and quickly dries to a black matte finish. The brush tip delivers the perfect distribution of formula and ultimate precision. Now you can create any look imaginable on every eye shape, from a thin line to a bold, dramatic stroke.

The eyeliner lines and defines with smooth, even the color that looks fresh all day long To improve the shape and color of your eyes using eyeliner. new! delicate soft bristles of the eyeliner.

comfortable touch, defines the outline of eyelines; Easy to color, waterproof, long lasting. Waterproof formula and leak-proof design can give you a delicate makeup.

Ball anti-coagulation design

Automatically stir the ink to prevent the ink from solidifying and agglomerating. High quality Elastic bristles Brush head

Available in two colors: Black / Brown.

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