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6 in1 Ultrasonic Photon LED Therapy Facial Massager. Can also be used on body for slimming and burning cellulite fat. 

1.EMS Massage
Open Skin Channel: Electrical perforation is a method of electrical perforation, which can create cell and cell gap in a short time, so that nutrients can be directly transported to the skin surface and dermis. Nourishing the skin: electrical pulse piercing is the opening of the skin cells through the electrical pulse for a short time to form the nutrient input channel, so that the essence of skin care products can be directly imported into the dermis.
2.Ultrasonic Vibration
High frequency micro-shock, deep penetration of muscular fundus, nutrition introduction, relax skin, stimulate skin activity, soften skin
Ultrasound power, energy, high-frequency vibration can make skin cells vibrate, re-stimulate a lot of stopped or very weak physiological activities.
Ultrasound frequency: 3 million times per second (1M)
3.LED Photon Color Lights
Act on the basal layer of skin, increase skin elasticity, prevent rough skin, make skin delicate. Wavelength light, which produces mild heat, increases the temperature of deep subcutaneous tissue and improves blood circulation. Cells play a more effective role in reducing fluid retention.
4.Ion Import And Export
It is better to use with cleansing water makeup remover/toner.

5. Color Glove, 
6. Magic Glove

Available in 2 colors: Rose Gold or White.

Model name: LW-050
Product weight: 800g
Instrument size: 262mm x 192mm x 72mm (probe diameter 56 mm)
Packaging size: 262mm x 192mm x 72mm
Material: Plastic and metal.
Working environment: 5-40 ℃
Electrical Safety: Power Source Classified as Class Double Insulation
Red light: 6253nm
Green light: 5253nm
Blue lamp: 465±3nm
Tri-color combination lamp: 5923nm
Functions: Ultrasound, EMS, Ion Import, Ion Export, Color Glove, 
Magic Glove
Battery: 1500 Mah 3.7v. Red and blue lights flicker alternately when charging. It can work for about 1 hour when charging for 2-3 hours. Charging current is 5V/1a. Battery power is more than 30% blue light, less than 30% red light and less than 2% automatic shutdown. USB Wire
Input voltage 5v/2a
Charger: EU Plug

Available in Rosegold or White Color.

Shipped from China. Please refer to the appropriate Shipping Charge to your country during Check-Out. Estimated Delivery time: 18-30 days.


Package Size: 262 mm  x 192 mm  x 72 mm

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